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Loch Duich (View from south side) - Scotland - Late Spring 2002

Welcome to Peter Asprey's CowPhotos.com

A Gallery of over 7000 photographs, including the Highlands of Scotland, English Lake District and more than 1100 of cows! Click here for the Gallery Index.

The dolphin photos are moving to dolphinpix.com.

Taken using mix of 35mm film (slide and negative - scanned with a Nikon LS4000) and digital (Nikon D2H and D100) camera technology. Other than rotating some images and adding the copyright message no further digital processing or editing has been applied to the photographs. Even the cows and dolphins are not digitally enhanced!

Many of the photographs now include details of the lens and film speed used to capture the image. For example The Bonsall Mines Gallery.. Since 1999 I have recorded the GPS (WGS84) location of every photograph taken. This information is available in most of the gallery sections, click the photograph you are interested in, the select the photo properties link. To protect privacy a small random error has been added to the location available online. GPS data is not yet available online for my scanned slides. Try the peak district in the snow Gallery for GPS location.

You can find out more about my GPS software here.

The GPS recording process is simple, set the camera clocks to GPS time, log your location, then match the two together. For film cameras, take a photograph of the GPS display at the start of the film.

Looking to find the Dolphins in Scotland? Click here for details.

My Sony digital camera is a few years old, but the Nikon D100 is almost better than film! A quicker to download gallery of my Dolphin photos can be found at dolphins.cowphotos.com or the mirror at the Digital Dolphin Depository.

The photographs on this site have been featured in books, magazines, internet sites, newspapers and even on television. The GPS location records have even helped film and television companies in finding locations (quote me the full URL of an image via email and I will try and let you know its map location).

Click here for my links page.

The slides have been batch scanned using a Nikon Supercool scan 4000 ED with SF 400 slide feeder using Hamrick Software's VueScan with automatic settings.

The photographs in the galleries range from the highlands of Scotland, through to the English Lake and Peak district national parks. Taken in spring and late summer, and not just cows. At least one sheep found their way into the collection. Help Dolphins and Whales Visit the WDCS website! See some of the UK's Bottlenose Dolphins in my Dolphin Gallery.

All images and photographs are copyright Peter Asprey / CowPhotos.com.

Click Here to Contact Peter